Artificial Intelligence in Quebec: A Tightly Knit Network

Who are the key actors of artificial intelligence (AI) in Quebec? What are the links between the different organizations that constitute the AI research infrastructure? How have academia, politics and economics intermingled in the development of this infrastructure? Based on what promises did the Quebec and Canadian governments invest hundreds of millions of public funds in this infrastructure? This research note attempts to answer these questions. After briefly describing the AI research infrastructure and tracing the extent of public investment, we show how a small number of actors have positioned themselves so as to control the direction of most taxpayer-funded AI initiatives.

This research note is a translation of : Maxime Colleret and Yves Gingras (2020). L’intelligence artificielle au Québec : un réseau tricoté serré. Montréal: Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur la science et la technologie, Note de recherche 2020-07.


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